Marching to Goa!!

10.03.2015 So bday dhamaal continues unabated. Next on the cards was this trip that got planned for Goa with Pallavi (strangely, despite our intense bonding, it’s our first trip) and all thanks to Sonu Di (yeah she is my biggest holiday benefactor these days- love you Di ūüôÖūüėė) as she had some vacation miles at a Mahindra resort in Monterio, near Baga beach.

Finally the day couldn’t have dawned any faster, if I could have done it myself!

Swimsuit- check

sundresses – check

camera – check

list of places to visit – check

a book – check

tickets – check

airport – check

Selfie at the airport-  check


From full sleeve jacket to almost no sleeve Tee in sunny Goa!


An hour of cab ride (yeah the airport, train station, etc are all out of Goa by about 50 kms) with two impatient Delhi-ites who couldn’t wait to offload and become beach bums!

At the resort! (Don’t miss the reflections of sunny Goa in the glares please)


I hope you have noticed the width of smiles increasing in direct proportions to the closer we got to the destination! ūüėą

Room with a view, and what a view!


Now onto planning a girlie trip of a lifetime in Goooooooaaaaaaah! Stay tuned!


Oh womaniya!!!! 

07.03.2015 saw me at the Pop-up restaurant at the Asiad Village Рa place I had  been wanting to go since ages. The food was being reported as revolutionary Рfig ketchup, pulled chicken, etc! Mumbai se aaya mera ek dost was in  town and we finally managed to plan out a meetup, since meeting two years ago! Halleluajah!

Pallavi joined us in and while we sat in the outdoor covered pavilion, unexpected thunder, rain and hail greeted us with gay abandon. We splashed indoors since the wind was dousing us with a gentle but cold spray. Food, service and even wi-fi was admirable.

We parted to head our separate ways with a promise to meet sooner – We should Mulchand before you head out to the orient!

Pallavi and I had a date with our favourite band – Indian Ocean, which was playing its musical journey over the years, split into two days! Day one the downpour delayed the concert by more than an hour.

We warmed up once the charismatic band members came on stage to belt out their glorious numbers – lustful and energetic to the core with some awesome percussion!

¬† ¬†08.03.2015 saw us back at the Pop-up! Also coz it was Woman’s day – (we have an informal pact since the start of our entrepreneurial journeys last year) Pallavi and I have a date of sorts!

 Some more glorious food and pitter patter of rain later, we headed out to the auditorium only to find another delay Рthis time not sure what it was blamed on. 

¬†The band started with Bandeh and finished with Ma Rewa, pepped up with great jugalbandi by Amit Kilam (isnt he gorgeous) and the rest of the band! We tried to head to the stage to try and get a selfie with Amit but he was gone before we could even blink!! :-( I do miss out on Aushim’s soulful voice, though Himanshu Joshi does a wonderful rendition of his own! But some things are golden and yes gone!!!¬†

¬†A wonderful sunday and Woman’s day – well spent in some cosy company and heartwarming music! ¬† ¬† ¬†


Haseen aur rangeen in March 


Holi rolled in, dolled up in gorgeous colours and a very un-holy weather! The unexpected rain madness continued, making it slightly chilly but with plenty of bright sunshine! I am not the biggest fan of this festival- infact I find it the most terrible one! But this year is special and so thought to venture out Kyunki darr ke aagey jeet hai! LOL

I started holi with a customary “tika” and nose smudge with Archana bhabhi and Anubhuti in Doon, before leaving from there on the 5th March.

And of course the night before we had celebrated with a dinner at WIC where I savoured a well made Sangria.

06.03.2015 Holi morning started with some color indulgence at Jyoti’s house, alongwith her hubby.

Tihar jail made herbal/organic gulaal was our preferred (weapon) color of choice!

Next was Mohit & Shubhi’s place and it was also ADs first!

The malpua from ajmer was just divine and this is when I abhor sweets!!! Its ages since I had fun with a pichkari and some water! As always the garden was a riot of colors with the spring flowers – kudos to Aunty! By now I was looking verrrrry Rangeen & er….. Haseen LOL !!!!

And then came Shaurya who was down with a fever and didnt even want to come close for fear of ruining his clothes. Smarrrrrt Boy!!!!

Everyone was not in a holi mood, so it was back to the customary Tika – though with the amount of color on my face, even that was not needed!!

Some awesome home made chaat – bhelpuri, papadi chaat and then matara kulcha – Burrrrrrrp!!!!

My car is testimonial to my Holi fervour (as if you cant make out from the pics!)

Check out my Holi Selfie!

Evening saw me dolled up (Haseen rang continues) for a kids first bday party (where we bailed out early) and then tried our palate at Delhi Cafe Heights. Ek Juicy Lucy Burger toh banta tha – man it was HUGE!!!!! Thanks Subbu for catching up with me!

I did end up making a Holi pact of sorts – try to get out on this festival with people who play or host a do at my place to pretend to play!


Much ado about march 



What a rain filled day in Dehradun which made me wonder how wet does it get in Cherrapunji! It was perfect weather for endless cups of tea, some in front of a cosy fire!


Checked out this neat tea box with some herbal tea! Latter was ok but the box is super sexy!

Processed with Moldiv

Watched Dum Laga Ke Haisha- a beautiful movie about simplicity of love, complicated with complexity of falling in love! No matter what weightage we give to the standards we set out for an ideal partner, love wins in the end!

And of course we partook in some selfie love to mark the occasion!  Spending time with the next generation is so refreshing (sigh! I am getting on with my years!!!)

Processed with Moldiv

All in all another fabulous march day !!


A mad hatter in march

01.01.2015 Since past couple of years, a new trend had emerged in my life as most of my friends, cousins, peers, etc had reached ‘that’ milestone of turning 40! Big celebrations for ‘THE’ 40th naming day with great pomp and show had become the norm around me. ‘That won’t be me,’ disdained the sensibility in me! I mean come on, this was ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I love my bday and have spent most of them in special ways. My grouse is with the overt hoo-ha attached to this number. My logic was I will celebrate it like the many before and also after this number!!! Two months of twenty fifteen rolled by without so much of a glance and I find myself in March – my bday month! The tune has thus changed, (Ahem!) and I find myself contemplating ‘THE’ milestone as such with a reverence that is unusual for me. My resolution, nay wish list is to celebrate each day of this month with great zeal and gusto, build up the crescendo with travel madness, social-ness, selfies, pamper sessions, and more to lead upto an intimate dinner party with the innermost circle! (Yes I have succumbed to the glamour attached by many towards this turn of the decade.) Have made my many plans to pamper moi and the first one on the list is a travel trip. I have also decided to keep a blog diary of sorts for as many days as possible (succumbed is an understatement , I know!!! ‚ėļÔłŹ) The first day of the month started with me being on a train to Dehradun. Icing on the cake turned out to be the ultra gorgeous weather due to the unseasonal rains. I travelled the six hours, earphones plugged in (mushy music ¬†) and nose pressed to the window to drink in the romance of the rainy countryside, imagination in hyperdrive. Puffs of snowy white smoke gushing out of the big industrial chimneys at Daurala, reminded me of ¬†cotton candy! The vista of thin wiry leafless trees standing tall and silent ¬†in neat rows , seemed like a solemn meet of a clan to express solidarity! ¬† The music went on while I merrily clicked pics and hummed away to glory – I could see the bemused expressions of my fellow travellers, most of who either dozed or read the newspaper or talked on the phone. ¬†I also started to read and made a little headway into this book but the view and weather seduced me back again. I was greeted with a heavy downpour ¬†( which hasn’t let up at all) when I reached doon. The weather is wet and grey but not gloomy since I love the rains. Lunch was at home with Bhabhi and by the fireplace! Unexpected and luxury! (Reminded of my recent khabrar trip) New Friends, warm conversations, good food and vino was the order of the evening. After ages I gorged on a very yummy and sinful portion of paneer shashlik. Needless to say the alcohol was flowing and found an easy way into my system in copious amounts!! Euphoric and high, I practically dropped on the bed with a big grin and floated off to wonderland …………… Z zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Berry oaty smash!


Intending them as some Valentine day love for thyself, I purchased a box of luscious strawberries. But the unusually warm weather and some neglect on my part, ensured a few of the gorgeous berries getting spoilt. Worrying over the waste, I sat down to surf the net for some  quick n easy cake/muffin recipe to consume them- gorged on a few while at it! Mmmmmmm!

Did you know strawberries are the only fruits which have the seeds on the outside?

Soon found one I liked a bit, and as usual the mad experimental baker took over, out came the oats & a bottle of coffee flavouring (which was discovered hiding in the essence box)!


1/2 cup saffola oats

2/3 cup Brown sugar

1/3 cup vegetable oil

2 eggs

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp salt

1cup All purpose flour

8-10 strawberries

1/2 tsp coffee flavour


Chop and smash the strawberries in a bowl and set aside. Lightly beat eggs, sugar and oil in a bowl and then add the strawberries and the. The coffee flavour. Sift flour, cinnamon, salt, and baking soda once to mix well and then add to the wet mix. Add the oats also. Stir with a gentle hand till entire thing is moistened well. Don’t stir too much.

Now spoon into paper cases set inside a muffin tray. Sprinkle some oats on top to give an interesting texture. This makes about 10-12 muffins.

Ensure oven is preheated to 220C. Bake for 15-18 mts till a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack and serve slightly warm with some ice cream.




Poo’s Puppy love

Five little puppies, mewing in the cold of Delhi winters, found a loving heart – Poo! Much loved and adored herself, my niece adopted the stray dog and her pups with so much love and care that even her parents are surprised by it.


Such is her dedication that midnight howls would have her leaping out of her cosy bed to go check on her darlings; never mind the cold! And they love her too with all of their tiny hearts and being.

When a neighbour picked up a pup to play, it sent up such heart-rending cries that¬†had Pooja running back from her car to check on them. Once she took him in her hands, all was wonderful in the little one’s world!

You can see the little ones frisking around, just waiting for her to put in an appearance. Having a pet of her own, she can still find heart for these strays is amazing to see. Not that her faithful mutt thinks too much of these ‘freeloaders’ who seem to be mooching shamelessly on his mistress’s affection and time!


Now she is trying to find good loving homes for them and mercifully a few have been adopted. With their caramel and chocolate color tones and melt -in-your-heart eyes, they are a little difficult to resist. On top of that their friskiness, never fails to put a big smile on anyone’s face! Three down and two more to go!

Kudos to such good Samaritans and their family who have instilled such hearty values in them!

In case you would like to adopt one of these adorable little tykes, you can drop a mail to poojasharan@hotmail.com